Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Favorites

#1 Event:  Sorority Initiation

This was by far the most exciting, life changing experience of the month, possibly the year. Although the entire process was not smooth sailing. In the end it all worked out and I could not be happier. I joined an amazing sisterhood!

#2 Song:  Hey Brother by Avicii

This song came on the radio while I was driving to school one morning and then again when I was headed home after classes.  Ever since I have been obsessed.

#3 Movie:  Tapped (on Netflix)

See previous blog post for more information!

#4 Fashion:  Poplin-Crepe Dress

I have already worn this dress 3 times and I have only had it for a few weeks.  I have worn it around the house and out on errands, on Easter Sunday, and yesterday to a tea party. Super comfortable and cute.
Available at Old Navy

#5 Product:  EOS Shave Cream

I purchased this on a whim when I was out of my usual shave gel.  It goes on like a lotion and allows for a super close shave.  This is the only product I have ever used that I do not have stubble within 12 hours.  Scent is amazing as well.
Available at Rite Aid

xoxo Gwen

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