Thursday, April 3, 2014

Finding the Balance

Last week my yoga instructor posed the question:  "What do you hope that Ayurveda can personally help you with?"  At the time I immediately thought of my weight, but honestly knew that was not the answer.  Still, it was the answer I gave.  It wasn't until Saturday's 12-hour ASL workshop, and Sunday being so sick I could barely move, and the breakdown I had on Monday that I realized what I really needed in my life was some balance!  Tuesday morning after an hour of asana I immediately spoke with my teacher about realizing the true answer to her question.  She agreed right away.

I know finding my personal balance will not happen right away, but it is something I am going to make a conscience effort to work on for the rest of the year.  Hopefully after I focus on it for awhile it will become second nature and I will find the inner peace I so desperately want in my life.  How do you balance your life?

xoxo Gwen

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