Monday, March 31, 2014

The Stress Is Real

I'm one of those people who always seem to be very busy or very bored.  I like to be involved in so many things and I have a habit of saying yes to anything that comes my way.  Wake up at 5:30 am, out of the house by 7:00 am, not to return until 11:00 pm yeah that's typical these days.  Today it finally caught up with me and I sorta (ok I really) had a complete breakdown.  How am I supposed to write 6 papers within two weeks on top of all the other stuff I have???  You know... classes, work, secretary duties for PTK, ASL Club, volunteer at LTVB, and initiation next Friday night.... I really have no idea, especially because I have been sick for 11 days now.  11!  That's a lot.  And not giving my body time to relax, well truly relax is not helping any.  Even when I try to lay down for naps I can't get comfortable, because I have a million things twirling around in my head. It's not until my fiance gets home in the evening and I am totally spent am I able to fall asleep.  Then I wake up and sneeze, cough, go to the potty, grab some water or OJ, some meds and drift as soundly as I can manage back to sleep.

This semester has been a $%&#*.  I did not get to enjoy Spring Break thanks to a wonderful INT class/grade/teacher issue and now I am confronted with the fact that enrollment is right around the corner for Summer and Fall classes.  Not to mention that I only get one week between semesters.

So today I lost it....

I don't know if I am taking summer classes or not now.  I might just take the entire summer off.  I know in the back of my head that's not wise thing to do, but at this point screw it, it just might work out that way.  I also really need to start saying no.  No needs to be my new habit.  Instead, I'm dreaming of the day that I can truly escape and have a vacation in an exotic location that I can not be reached.

Seriously, any of these places will do!
xoxo Gwen

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Partner Yoga

I read quite a bit about partner yoga today since I choose to skip class.  I was mentally unprepared to give myself fully to my personal practice, not to mention partner yoga.  In Why Partner Yoga? by Elysabeth Williamson, she explains, “Partner yoga is two or more people joining together to deepen the impact and experience of a yoga practice.”  The main difference from individual practice is touch.  Not sexual touch, but using traction and leverage, and the “kinesthetic awareness that comes from touch, to open to greater depths in our bodies and our psyches.”

In one of her foundational practices she introduces Back to Back Meditation.  She claims, “The power and intimacy of this simple posture comes as quite a surprise to almost everyone who experiences it.”  I remember last summer during a partner yoga class I experienced it and it does weave quite a connection.

You can read more about partner yoga here.

I also went to Barnes & Noble and read through Contact Yoga: The Seven Points of Connection and Relationship by Tara Lynda Guber.  This book outlines...

The 7 Points of Contact:

7.  Union:  Surrender, Service, Freedom
6.  Vision:  Intuition, Focus, Creativity
5.  Communication:  Conversation, Connection, Honesty
4.  Love- Forgiveness, Compassion, Acceptance
3. Commitment- Will, Discipline, Responsibility
2. Passion- Sensuality, Pleasure, Desire
1.  Trust- Foundation, Integrity, Security

The Seven Points of Contact

With each of the “Contact Points” comes a challenge and a gift:

Challenges/Gifts of Contact Points

General Guidelines for approaching contact:

·         Build upon each step
·         Begin with yourself
·         Share your own experience
·         Maintain your own yoga practice
·         Create sacred space
·         Take responsibility
·         Use visualization
·         Empower the positive
·         Get out of your head & into your heart
·         Work your edge
·         Have fun!

Guidelines for communication in practice:

·         Learn your partners language
·         Listen, reflect & respond
·         Communicate what you want and need directly and simply
·         Use your words to shape reality, not to negate it
·         Make lots of noise
·         Once you’ve practiced for a while, spend a session without words
·         Listen to & trust your body

xoxo Gwen

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bloggers I LOVE

Yesterday I covered some YouTubers I loved, so today I thought I would mention some blogs I absolutely love.  These are the blogs that I frequent weekly, if not daily.  They inspire me to think outside the box, try new recipes, outfit combinations, and new experiences.  They are very different from me, but that's what I find so amazing about finding someone's life on the internet and reading about it.  It's thanks to bloggers like these that finally helped me make the big leap into blogging myself.

I found this blonde bombshell because she is an ΑΣΑ alumni.  I immediately (hopefully not creepily) emailed her asking some questions about ΑΣΑ.  She was so gracious to respond and offer words of encouragement. I love her style for fashion and designing.  She is young, beautiful and will soon be one of my sorority sisters! Her blog offers outfit ideas, recipes, and peeks into her college and romantic life.  She is in the midst of planning her October wedding and I just know she is going to have an amazing day.

2.  The College Prepster
I have no idea how I found this little slice of heaven, but it has been one of my favorites since the day I read my first post.  Her blog offers advice from maintaining energy through the day to which candles to buy. Her life in New York City seems so grand all the time, but she makes sure to remind readers that her life isn't perfect and that she has flaws too.

3.  Apartment F15
Ahhh if I could have absolutely EVERYTHING featured in this blog I would be so lucky!  Her eye for global and bohemian style is untouched.  I wish I could hire her to come redo my entire apartment. Seriously.  Her photography skills are amazing and I want every single one of her mudra hand statues.

If you're looking for blogs to follow I definitely recommend the ones I mentioned above. Each one offers a little something different.  Even my dad has a blog you should check out.

xoxo Gwen

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

YouTubers I LOVE

Once upon a time I attempted to make my own YouTube channel, but have not had much success with it. I have tons of video ideas, but I am what you would call technically challenged.  So the editing, etc. of videos would never happen.  Thus I have a total of one video on YouTube (other than the mandatory ones I made for ASL classes).  My dad is very active in the YouTube video making business though, and you can check him out at his YouTube channel.  Today I thought I would recommend my top 3 YouTubers for your Spring Break viewing pleasure.

1.  Grav3yardgirl
This woman is absolutely my best friend I have never met.  We share similar personalities so she cracks me up.  She features videos about thrifting, does makeup tutorials, hauls, and her catchiest videos (that I am sure get the most thumbs up) are her reviews on "As Seen on TV" products.  Her style is amazing and she is not afraid to be herself.  She also has over 2 million subscribers.  If you haven't subscribed to her yet I highly recommend that you do.

2.  Gingerreadslainey
This woman is my go to for book reviews, book hauls, and all things book related.  She is the reason I read the Divergent trilogy.  I thank her so much for that.  She and another YouTuber, Mindy Reads started a Wednesday tradition of posting Top 5 books that feature x, y, or z.  For example:  Top 5 Friendships, Top 5 Romances, Top 5 Crushes, Top 5 Books I want to see turned into a movie, etc.  This is another woman I could easily see myself being friends with.  She has more than 3 thousand subscriptions and her channel continues to grow as she is discovered.  If you read at all, check her out!

3.  SarahBelle93x
The beautiful woman is a true Southern Belle from Kentucky.  She is a true prepster and has a great eye for fashion.  She features haul videos, college tips, and advice videos, as well as unique videos that she envisions.  SarahBelle93x is also a Seventeen College MVP, a Kappa Delta, and promotes  HauteLook and RueLaLa.  She has approx. 275K subscriptions.  Check her out for college tips, tricks, and anything preppy related.

xoxo Gwen

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Outfits

This is officially my Spring Break week.  The weather seems to be warming up finally, which I could not be happier about.  I have been thinking about my Spring wardrobe and what I would like to add to it for this Spring/Summer.  Of course I turned to Pinterest to see what has caught my eye.  I think it's safe to say jean shorts, over sized tops and boho themed accessories are going to be my go-to style for Spring/Summer. Check out some of the outfits I have been pinning...
I most likely won't knot my shirt/tank

So ok this isn't an outfit but I have to make these ASAP!

Can I PLEASE have this jacket

I know all of these outfits are so similar but that's how I roll. Can't wait to go through and make some outfits of my own.  What will you be wearing this Spring/Summer?
xoxo Gwen

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Throwing Out Old Makeup

It's important to go through your makeup and other cosmetics every once in awhile and throw out the old, expired stuff (and maybe add some new things)!  Expired makeup may contain bacteria and should be discarded.
While this isn't a complete list, it helped me go through my stuff and ditch the things I had hanging around for far too long.  You can easily look up expiration dates for other stuff you might have.  Also remember these are tips.  You should always check for expiration dates on packaging or throw makeup away if you notice changes in color or texture. 
Nail Polish expires 2 years from the day you open it.

Check for expiration dates on packaging.

If you don't like a product this is the time to throw it out!

This gives you an idea of the colors you use most.

Make a list of stuff you need to repurchase.
After I was done I had a full bag worth of stuff I was ditching.  It felt good to get rid of that stuff.

xoxo Gwen

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I absolutely love breakfast food.  When I was little my dad made pancakes almost every Sunday morning.  It was great.  Yesterday was National Pancake Day and to celebrate I made chocolate chip pancakes at home.

Did you celebrate?

xoxo Gwen

Monday, March 3, 2014

My Journey with Yoga

I started taking yoga classes over 2 years ago.  It really is quite amazing the journey you take with your body, mind, and soul.  At least that's what it has been for me.  No, I haven't lost a ton of weight (or any weight that I know of), but to me it wasn't completely about losing weight.
Yes, I am overweight and could stand to lose a few pounds (OK more than a few), but I feel like I finally have my mind, body, and spirit headed down the path to wellness.  This semester we started studying Ayurveda and there is a ton of information.  I am absolutely loving it!

Through a series of tests I have determined that I am a Kapha (dosha) and with that comes a certain lifestyle and diet that will help keep me in balance.  It of course is a work in progress, and honestly for the first time I am OK with that.  I have been staying inspired via Instagram and the wonderful yogi community there.

I have also collected some more quotes to add to my yoga journal and worked on my Yoga Pinterest Board.  You should definitely check it out if you're interested in yoga at all or Ayurveda.

And then of course I have been adding things to my diet and trying to new recipes catered to my dosha.

Masala Tea {homemade}

Kapha Dinner {sauteed eggplant with sunflower seeds}

Beauty Recipe to balance my kidneys {Ginger Scrub}
Take care of yourself.  Remember all good things do not happen overnight.  It's a journey and you're suppose to enjoy it.
xoxo Gwen