Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bloggers I LOVE

Yesterday I covered some YouTubers I loved, so today I thought I would mention some blogs I absolutely love.  These are the blogs that I frequent weekly, if not daily.  They inspire me to think outside the box, try new recipes, outfit combinations, and new experiences.  They are very different from me, but that's what I find so amazing about finding someone's life on the internet and reading about it.  It's thanks to bloggers like these that finally helped me make the big leap into blogging myself.

I found this blonde bombshell because she is an ΑΣΑ alumni.  I immediately (hopefully not creepily) emailed her asking some questions about ΑΣΑ.  She was so gracious to respond and offer words of encouragement. I love her style for fashion and designing.  She is young, beautiful and will soon be one of my sorority sisters! Her blog offers outfit ideas, recipes, and peeks into her college and romantic life.  She is in the midst of planning her October wedding and I just know she is going to have an amazing day.

2.  The College Prepster
I have no idea how I found this little slice of heaven, but it has been one of my favorites since the day I read my first post.  Her blog offers advice from maintaining energy through the day to which candles to buy. Her life in New York City seems so grand all the time, but she makes sure to remind readers that her life isn't perfect and that she has flaws too.

3.  Apartment F15
Ahhh if I could have absolutely EVERYTHING featured in this blog I would be so lucky!  Her eye for global and bohemian style is untouched.  I wish I could hire her to come redo my entire apartment. Seriously.  Her photography skills are amazing and I want every single one of her mudra hand statues.

If you're looking for blogs to follow I definitely recommend the ones I mentioned above. Each one offers a little something different.  Even my dad has a blog you should check out.

xoxo Gwen

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