Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Birthday Recap

Some of these pictures were posted on my Instagram, so those that follow me there might have caught a few of these.  I am so thankful for those that thought of me on my birthday.  Not pictured was the breakfast my friend Kristin made me the day before my birthday, the delicious dinner my fiance and I had at Carrabba's, or the lunch my best friend Julie took me to the day after my birthday.  So this is by no means everything but it is a great recap. 

The highlights include:
On the 12th my friend as I mentioned above made my a huge breakfast.  I had lots of errands to run later that day so that breakfast alone kept me fueled up.
On the 13th (my birthday) I had my math class at 8 a.m. (Julie surprised me with a custom tumbler)  I just found out today I aced my test so that makes it even more awesome.  That afternoon I received my official paperwork from ΑΣΑ!!  It literally made my birthday so special.  Dinner with my fiance later that evening and then home to relax and watch the Olympics.
On the 14th my best friend took me out to lunch.  We always have the best chats!  We end up eating and then sitting at our table for hours just chatting away.  Then I went to go see my ΑΣΑ BIG sister.  The sun was out and we took a nice walk with her dog and soaked up some rays.
It was a great 3 day celebration!

xoxo Gwen

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Great White {Dress Hunt}

I need a white dress.  You would think that would be a simple thing.  No, I am not a size 2 or even a 10, but you would think white was a rather standard color.  I guess I should have known since I needed it, I would not find one.  Regardless, I needed one and the hunt was/is on.  I have been actively searching, purchasing, and returning since December.
First I hunted online.  I did not just randomly search blindly.  I dove into the deep internet pockets flipping through page after page of dresses, sizes, colors (ivory is not white you know), and possible alternatives.  I finally settled on a Modcloth dress.

Dress #1

In fact it was this dress that I fell in love with from the very beginning.  It wasn't that easy.  First I had to rationalize spending $100 on a dress that I was really only planning to wear once a year, if that.  So I talked it over with my fiance and we decided to get it.  By the time I went to order it only hours after I initially saw the dress my size was sold out.  Frustrated I contacted customer service to see when if ever they would get in more of my size.  I put the dress on my "watch list" and customer service told me they would be getting more in at the beginning of March. Le sigh....

Dress #2

With my dream dress a thing of the past I moved on in my hunt.  I came across another dress that I thought would be alright.  I definitely was not falling in love with this dress the way I was the other.  I needed a white dress though and the more I looked at the picture the more I liked it.  The dress I am referring to is here.
Dress #2 Dress Barn
I went to the local Dress Barn and not only got rude service but was told they did not have any solid white dresses in store.  Back home I made Dress #2 purchase and crossed my fingers.  When it arrived I tried it on and it fit so perfectly.  I was beginning to think I found my dress.  However, I took it over a friends house the following day and we compared it to her whites and my dress was in fact ivory, not white.  I should have returned the dress, but I was already absolutely in love with it, despite not being white - that I kept it.  It is proudly hanging in my closet waiting for some Spring weather. 

Back to Dress #1

After back to back defeat I decided I was going to take a break and let stores get their Spring lines in.  Then I received an email from Modcloth letting me know that earlier than expected the dress I fell in love with was back (in my size).  I was completely thinking it was fate, and immediately purchased the dress.   When it finally arrived it took me just opening the package to realize the dress was not white at all.  It is in fact ivory or cream.  It was darker than the dress from Dress Barn.  I was not going to even do it the satisfaction of trying it on.  I shoved the dress back in the package, sealed it, and slapped on the return shipping tag.  It took forever to get my refund.

Dress #3

After that I resigned to wait until warmer weather, for stores to change out the seasons, and to wait for sales. Then a friend told me about the great deals going on at Burlington Coat Factory (I didn't even know they had clothes).  After my weekend away at a conference I came home and checked out there website.  I indeed found another great dress in my size. Here is Dress #3. 
Dress #3 Burlington Coat Factory

$30 and free 2 day shipping and I was in heaven.  I received this dress last night and when I opened it the dress was actually white.  I couldn't believe it.  And it wasn't so bad looking either.  At this point all I had to do is try it on and dance around my apartment in sheer joy.  That's where the happy story ends.  The dress did not fit.  Seriously.  The trim at the bottom is preventing me from taking it to a tailor.  So back to the store it will go.

Dress #4 

I figure I must be getting closer to the dress I need.  After realizing the trim would cause problems for tailoring I jumped back online and found this cheap dress this morning.  I am over falling in love with a dress. I just need a white dress!  Shipping this time is going to take up to 2 weeks.  I just hope it's actually white and that it fits.  I seriously do not know how much longer I can keep up the positive attitude.  So my fingers are crossed.

xoxo Gwen

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#Carabox Exchange

My #Carabox : Find all about this fun package exchange by visiting this site.

I was partnered with 2 ladies right here in Virginia.  One that I would be sending a package to me and another who I would send a package to.  Stephanie did an excellent job about finding out about me and I really need to get around to a thank you card VERY SOON! Plus more than the package I got to know her on a personal level and she inspired me in more ways than she realizes.  She has a crazy work schedule but I just know if we lived closer we would be friends.

My package arrived Feb 1st, 2014

Goodies inside

The theme of this exchange was SHINE.

Total package of at least 5 items worth a grand total of $20

 ASL "G" necklace

The #Carabox exchange was a great experience.  I really lucked out and got great partners. I plan to participate in the next one.  I even have a friend that is planning to jump on board with the next exchange. Follow @caraboxexchange on Instagram for all the information about the process, deadlines, etc.

My partners: @erinlgharris and @schweib2786 (both on Instagram)

xoxo Gwen

Friday, February 7, 2014


My life has been moving forward at a break neck speed.  After all the down time of the snow days my scheduled revved up to full speed ahead the moment the snow began to melt. School has been filled with assignment after assignment, projects, homework, late nights researching various things, yoga, math, interpreting classes....the list goes on and on.  Add to that my secretary duties of Phi Theta Kappa, regular work, volunteer work, trips to the dentist, time with friends and my fiance.  You can see I have not had a moment to spare.

Today I am leaving for my first official Alpha Sigma Alpha event and I am so excited. Hopefully I will find time to blog about all of it when I return.  

The other {more exciting} news is my sister had her baby!  She was born Jael Makayla on Feb 5th, 2014 at 8:43am.  She weighed 5 lbs 15 oz.  She was 17 1/4 inches in length.  I have been bugging my sister to send me any pictures she gets of her because unfortunately I have to be Aunt Gwen from a distance.  I do hope one day I get to snuggle her and tell her I love her.  I know I will do almost anything to make that happen.  I bless my sister and her boyfriend and my nephew Danzig and his new little sister Jael.

xoxo Gwen