Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Birthday Recap

Some of these pictures were posted on my Instagram, so those that follow me there might have caught a few of these.  I am so thankful for those that thought of me on my birthday.  Not pictured was the breakfast my friend Kristin made me the day before my birthday, the delicious dinner my fiance and I had at Carrabba's, or the lunch my best friend Julie took me to the day after my birthday.  So this is by no means everything but it is a great recap. 

The highlights include:
On the 12th my friend as I mentioned above made my a huge breakfast.  I had lots of errands to run later that day so that breakfast alone kept me fueled up.
On the 13th (my birthday) I had my math class at 8 a.m. (Julie surprised me with a custom tumbler)  I just found out today I aced my test so that makes it even more awesome.  That afternoon I received my official paperwork from ΑΣΑ!!  It literally made my birthday so special.  Dinner with my fiance later that evening and then home to relax and watch the Olympics.
On the 14th my best friend took me out to lunch.  We always have the best chats!  We end up eating and then sitting at our table for hours just chatting away.  Then I went to go see my ΑΣΑ BIG sister.  The sun was out and we took a nice walk with her dog and soaked up some rays.
It was a great 3 day celebration!

xoxo Gwen

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