Tuesday, March 11, 2014

YouTubers I LOVE

Once upon a time I attempted to make my own YouTube channel, but have not had much success with it. I have tons of video ideas, but I am what you would call technically challenged.  So the editing, etc. of videos would never happen.  Thus I have a total of one video on YouTube (other than the mandatory ones I made for ASL classes).  My dad is very active in the YouTube video making business though, and you can check him out at his YouTube channel.  Today I thought I would recommend my top 3 YouTubers for your Spring Break viewing pleasure.

1.  Grav3yardgirl
This woman is absolutely my best friend I have never met.  We share similar personalities so she cracks me up.  She features videos about thrifting, does makeup tutorials, hauls, and her catchiest videos (that I am sure get the most thumbs up) are her reviews on "As Seen on TV" products.  Her style is amazing and she is not afraid to be herself.  She also has over 2 million subscribers.  If you haven't subscribed to her yet I highly recommend that you do.

2.  Gingerreadslainey
This woman is my go to for book reviews, book hauls, and all things book related.  She is the reason I read the Divergent trilogy.  I thank her so much for that.  She and another YouTuber, Mindy Reads started a Wednesday tradition of posting Top 5 books that feature x, y, or z.  For example:  Top 5 Friendships, Top 5 Romances, Top 5 Crushes, Top 5 Books I want to see turned into a movie, etc.  This is another woman I could easily see myself being friends with.  She has more than 3 thousand subscriptions and her channel continues to grow as she is discovered.  If you read at all, check her out!

3.  SarahBelle93x
The beautiful woman is a true Southern Belle from Kentucky.  She is a true prepster and has a great eye for fashion.  She features haul videos, college tips, and advice videos, as well as unique videos that she envisions.  SarahBelle93x is also a Seventeen College MVP, a Kappa Delta, and promotes  HauteLook and RueLaLa.  She has approx. 275K subscriptions.  Check her out for college tips, tricks, and anything preppy related.

xoxo Gwen

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