Monday, March 31, 2014

The Stress Is Real

I'm one of those people who always seem to be very busy or very bored.  I like to be involved in so many things and I have a habit of saying yes to anything that comes my way.  Wake up at 5:30 am, out of the house by 7:00 am, not to return until 11:00 pm yeah that's typical these days.  Today it finally caught up with me and I sorta (ok I really) had a complete breakdown.  How am I supposed to write 6 papers within two weeks on top of all the other stuff I have???  You know... classes, work, secretary duties for PTK, ASL Club, volunteer at LTVB, and initiation next Friday night.... I really have no idea, especially because I have been sick for 11 days now.  11!  That's a lot.  And not giving my body time to relax, well truly relax is not helping any.  Even when I try to lay down for naps I can't get comfortable, because I have a million things twirling around in my head. It's not until my fiance gets home in the evening and I am totally spent am I able to fall asleep.  Then I wake up and sneeze, cough, go to the potty, grab some water or OJ, some meds and drift as soundly as I can manage back to sleep.

This semester has been a $%&#*.  I did not get to enjoy Spring Break thanks to a wonderful INT class/grade/teacher issue and now I am confronted with the fact that enrollment is right around the corner for Summer and Fall classes.  Not to mention that I only get one week between semesters.

So today I lost it....

I don't know if I am taking summer classes or not now.  I might just take the entire summer off.  I know in the back of my head that's not wise thing to do, but at this point screw it, it just might work out that way.  I also really need to start saying no.  No needs to be my new habit.  Instead, I'm dreaming of the day that I can truly escape and have a vacation in an exotic location that I can not be reached.

Seriously, any of these places will do!
xoxo Gwen

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