Thursday, March 6, 2014

Throwing Out Old Makeup

It's important to go through your makeup and other cosmetics every once in awhile and throw out the old, expired stuff (and maybe add some new things)!  Expired makeup may contain bacteria and should be discarded.
While this isn't a complete list, it helped me go through my stuff and ditch the things I had hanging around for far too long.  You can easily look up expiration dates for other stuff you might have.  Also remember these are tips.  You should always check for expiration dates on packaging or throw makeup away if you notice changes in color or texture. 
Nail Polish expires 2 years from the day you open it.

Check for expiration dates on packaging.

If you don't like a product this is the time to throw it out!

This gives you an idea of the colors you use most.

Make a list of stuff you need to repurchase.
After I was done I had a full bag worth of stuff I was ditching.  It felt good to get rid of that stuff.

xoxo Gwen

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