Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!

I definitely love Mother Earth.  In fact I am featured on the tree huggers website.  Yes, if you Google images of me you will find one of me hugging a tiny tree that was posted back in 2005!  That seems like a lifetime ago.  Nonetheless I love trees, nature, recycling, and doing what I can to buy eco-friendly products.  I have shoes that have recycled tires for the bottoms and hemp for the main fabric and scrap ribbons for the laces.  They're from a brand called Simple, and I don't believe they are around anymore, but I'll never be able to give them up even if they do look a little ratty. They are super comfortable and so me. I also have a Sprout watch.  Their watches can range from hemp, organic cotton, to cork and bamboo. They feature some cute designs and colors too.

Think of ways you can reuse things you're about to throw in the trash.  I often keep cookie tins and egg cartons.  I also keep (and wash) meat trays and oatmeal containers.  Meat trays make great paint palettes.  I cover oatmeal containers and use them to store pens and pencils on my desk.  In fact I have two that I made sitting on my desk right now!

Use Pinterest to find interesting ways to reuse some of the things you have laying around your house. Earth will thank you!

xoxo Gwen

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