Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Yesterday I had my dentist appointment.  Overall things are good, but I did crack one of my molars just before Christmas.  They were able to x-ray the tooth yesterday and come up with a plan to save the tooth. That was good news.  The bad news was the price.  I am currently only picking up the occasional substitute teaching shift because I am in school full time during the fall, spring and summer semesters.  I have attempted to supplement my income by selling Avon, but so far my schedule is so busy I am unable to find the time to properly network to be successful at it.

In an effort to help pay for the cost I opened a page on GoFundMe and I also added a widgit to the right to assist with easy donations.  Thanks to anyone and everyone who supports me!

#45MilesInJanuary update

This morning was in the teens, but I still made it to the gym to add 3 more miles!
Grand total: 17 miles

xoxo Gwen

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