Monday, January 6, 2014

Blue Monday?

As I was working out this morning I had my headphones in, but I was watching the Today Show on mute. January 6th is known as Blue Monday.  They said because kids are returning to school (not me - that's next week), back to work, and New Years Resolutions.  This makes no sense to me.  School, ok maybe that's a bummer, but work and New Years resolutions?  If you don't like your job then quit.  Maybe it's the getting out of bed part that's the real bummer.  With the weather in the low 20's and below across most of the country I don't blame ya!  Of course... again, that doesn't effect me either.  It's a breezy 66 degrees here.  And if you've already failed your New Year resolution(s) there is plenty of time to get back on track. It's only day #6.

Over the weekend I did some shopping.  The 3 items I got really reminded me how my style is a mix of bohemian and preppy/classic.  A furry vest from Aeropostale that I got on sale for only $20 which was 70% off!  Then I picked up a Lands End navy/white fleece pullover for 40% off and a white oxford button down for 50% off.  The deals were amazing and I should have picked up a few more things, but my birthday is right around the corner!  Today the Lilly Pulitzer sale is going on and I have not ordered one thing.  I would like to get the Gretchen Dress, but probably won't.  That's my life as a college student with no money.

Saturday shopping
Sunday morning "puff pancakes"
Pet Peeve:  People who text while driving.  Seriously is the text that important?!  In Virginia it is against the law to text & drive, but that didn't stop this woman.  VA license plate # I R3AD.  I think by read she meant her text messages.  Before anyone can say anything....I was not driving (duh!), I was the passenger!

 #45MilesInJanuary update

Friday Jan 4th
Friday Jan 4th
Jan 6th - 2 miles on bike
Jan 6th - 3 miles on treadmill

Grand total so far: 14 miles

xoxo Gwen

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