Friday, December 27, 2013

Real Simple | Life Made Easier

Last Christmas I received a subscription to the magazine, Real Simple.  I had an entire glorious year of organizing tips, recipes, fashion advice,  lists by the numbers, quotes/thoughts and life lessons.  My subscription continues this year and I couldn't be more excited than with their January 2014 issue.  This issue titled, How to Live the Balanced Life is a great eye opener on how to create a sense of balance in your life from diet, to wardrobe, to spending time with family and friends.
Real Simple magazine - January 2014 issue
Kristin Van Ogtrop begins her editor's note, "Do you ever have one of those mornings when you feel like you're going to tip over before you ever get out of bed?  That was my day yesterday. (No, this is not a drinking story.)  I woke up and immediately felt as if I were balancing precariously on a tightrope between two shark tanks, one containing work pressures and the other filled with home-life demands.  One wrong move and I would be sunk".  (January 2014 | Real Simple pg 17)

I can definitely relate to this feeling.  In fact, I get so worked up over everything going on sometimes that I often miss the real fun of the occasion.  I am making a personal promise to myself (rather than a declared New Year's Resolution) to stop and smell the roses more, to speak more kindly to people when I am stressed, to enjoy the moment and create some balance in my life.  This issue definitely got me thinking and provided me with some great ideas to start creating that balance.

xoxo Gwen

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