Friday, July 11, 2014

Sorority File: White Attire Part 3

The last post in this series covers the last bits you will need for your white attire (initiation wear). You can find the dress post here and the shoe post here if you missed those.

Make-up and jewelry may be worn, but must be minimal. This is not the time to experiment with your make-up or costume jewelry. Simple, natural, day-time make-up is acceptable. No dark red lips or eye shadows. For jewelry think simple. A pearl necklace and small diamond stud earrings are both classic options.

This necklace is simple and classy, but won't break the bank.
Freshwater Pearl Necklace with Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia via Target $69.99

Whether you choose to wear real or faux diamonds remember.....keep it simple and tasteful.
For the actual ceremony you will not be hauling around your clutch. However, you will need a place to stash a few items: your key(s), ID, sorority pin, lip gloss, gum or mints, and cell phone. Again think white, but since you will not be "wearing" it at the ceremony it could have metallic or colored trim.
My dream clutch $1,500
Don't Forget
*Nude pantyhose
*Proper under garments (beige colored panties and bra - white shows in pictures!!)
*Camera (most people just use their cell phone cameras) #selfie #sororitygirl
xoxo Gwen

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