Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy, Healthy Freshman Year

We've all heard of the "Freshman 15". Sometimes it turns out to be the "Freshman 20". No one wants to gain extra pounds as they enter the next chapter of their life, but without knowing the causes or some tips to avoid it, it can happen.

First the Causes....
This is not an all inclusive list. Also I shouldn't have to mention it but, I am not a doctor. 

1. Over-eating- Indulging more often in high calorie foods such as pizza, fried food, and ice cream.

2. Malnutrition- Skipping meals is not a good thing!

3. Alcohol Consumption- Check the labels if you don't believe me. Alcohol has WAY more calories than I ever imagined.

4. Stress- This should be an obvious one. Starting your new life in a new place, professors, tests, finals, projects, papers, etc.

Now, the Tips!

1. Drink water- Invest in an acrylic tumbler and a reusable water bottle. The tumbler you can use when you're in your dorm room and the water bottle you can take with you to classes. If you're not a fan of water or just want to change it up try adding some Crystal Light On-The-Go Drink MixMio Water Enhancer, or Vitamin Water Zero Drops. Lemons, cucumbers and other fruits can be cut up and tossed in water as well.

2. Starbucks has calories too! It's almost a staple to drink coffee in college. The groggy mornings, early morning classes, late night study sessions, and those cool Fall nights. Just remember that those calories add up. Choose low calorie versions with no whip cream. Use Starbucks as a treat after acing your Biology midterm!

3. Don't depend on the dining hall for all your meals. Plan ahead and get quick and healthy options you can prepare yourself in your dorm room. Bagels, oatmeal, and eggs for example are quick and healthy breakfast options. Don't forget you can change up your toppings too.

4. Exercise. It seems simple enough but many students complain they do not have time. Most campuses have a gym, use it. Use the gym as your study break! Other easy ways to get in some exercise are: wear running shoes and jog to your classes, invest in a yoga mat-easy toning in your dorm room, or take a physical education class.

5. De-Stress. Take mental breaks from studying cramming for that test. Visit local attractions, join a club, GO GREEK!, and attend socials. It helps meeting people that are feeling the same way you are about being away from home, struggling through a class, etc. Maybe you'll meet your new workout partner.

The Dorm Room Diet
Make your supporters proud and your haters jealous!
xoxo Gwen

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