Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Finally, a Bookcase!

I love books. More than people realize I suppose. When I was younger my sister and I would get books for Christmas and have them read within the afternoon. We'd sit by the kerosene heater and read until we were done. I miss those days. As a teenager my step mom passed along her John Grisham and Patricia Cornwell books. They became my favorites.

Then I took too many years off from reading anything. I joined the Army, started college and had mandatory reading which kept me busy.

Fast forward to the last two years or so and as you can tell from my growing book collection I have started reading again. Last fall I gave myself the goal to read one book a month. I of course surpassed that, even with all my other obligations and my crazy schedule. Then for the new year I joined a Good Reads challenge to read 52 books this year. It's sort of a lot  too many a challenge, but challenges are not supposed to be easy, as I tell my dad often. I've only read 14 books so far.....

This summer it became a goal of mine to find a bookshelf that could fit into our already outgrown apartment. This weekend I got the Threshold™ Carson 3-shelf Bookcase.

Leading up to my purchase I turned to Pinterest as I often do.
We actually went to Barrett Street to look for a ladder.
I thought my dad could build me this!
My Bookcase 

Maybe it's not styled to perfection quite yet, but it's getting there. (Before you ask, no this is not all of my books.) I am still looking for the perfect bookends. At the moment I am using my fiance's heavy brass ones we picked up while antiquing. Of course there is a list of books I'm dying to add as well.

xoxo Gwen

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