Monday, June 2, 2014

Ice Cream Cones

When I happen to have spare time I search for inspiration. I often find myself clicking on image after image and pinning it to my Summertime board on Pinterest. I'm so excited summer is here and so far I am loving the warm weather and sunshine. While ice cream cones have yet to make it to my board they are all over Pinterest! Today after working for 5 hours and then heading straight to class for another 2 hours I left school and headed straight to Cold Stone Creamery. I ended up with the coffee lovers in a chocolate dipped waffle cone. Surprisingly I did not enjoy the cone as much as I thought I would, but goodness me the ice cream was divine!

I didn't get a picture of my ice cream waffle cone I was too busy shoveling it in my mouth. Instead take a look at some images I found on Pinterest.


Don't these images just scream Summer?!

Don't leave just yet, it gets better. Kathy Strahs over at Panini Happy shares a recipe on how to make ice cream cones on a panini press. Or you can head to Design Love Fest and find out how to make your own beautiful and delicate waffle cones.
And if you don't have the patience to be in the kitchen just stop by your favorite shop selling this sweet treat. It's sure to brighten your whole afternoon (or morning, or evening for that matter).

xoxo Gwen

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