Thursday, June 5, 2014

Glow Sticks

As I attempted to dig through my hall closet for one thing or another I ran across my stash of glow sticks. I bought them at the Dollar Store a few years ago. Of course I had to open up a tube, crack them and stare at the pretty glow of neon colors. As a kid the only time I got a glow stick was on Halloween night and it was a single yellow/green glow stick hung around my neck. Boring!

Now you can purchase glow sticks at WalMart,, Oriental Trading and several other places. They also come in tons of colors. So why glow sticks you ask....
Put them in balloons for a night time display
Add them to water bottles for bowling or to line your driveway
Crack 'em and dance
Party patio decor
Jazz up displays

Add fun to place settings
Add them to the pool for your midnight swim
Perfect for photo fun
xoxo Gwen

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